Program #1: Home Repair


Unfortunately, Rebuilding Together SouthWest Illinois is currently UNABLE to accept requests for Emergency Home Repairs. 

 Additionally, we are UNABLE to provide ANY of the following services:

-Roof replacement (minor roof leak repairs may be possible)

-Window replacement (sealing and caulking repairs are possible)

-Air conditioning replacement or repairs

-Furnace replacement or repairs

-Car replacement or repairs

-Furniture replacement or repairs

-Help with financial issues or financial counseling 

Please do not request the above repairs.


Rebuilding Together SouthWest Illinois ACCEPTS the following types of requests:

-Energy efficiency 

-Accessibility issues

-Safety issues

-Healthy living issues 


If you are a homeowner who owns and resides in your home and are in need of assistance, please click the link below. You will be directed to a preliminary application. The preliminary application will require basic identification information, household income/expenses, and a description of the repairs needed. Please contact us at (618) 876-4578 if you have any questions. 

To apply please send us:

1. Proof of income (w-2, social security award letter, etc)

2. Proof of homeowner's insurance

3. Most recent mortgage bill (if applicable)

4. Ameren bill (Alton residents please also submit a water bill) 

5. Homeowner Application



Program #2: Ameren Moderate Income Weatherization


Services include a free energy audit and free weatherization services (blown insulation, storm doors, other services as dictated by the audit and the program).



Must show proof of income


       Family Size                                               30 Day (GROSS) Income Range

                                                                       Must be between:

                 1                                                          $1,508-$3,016

                 2                                                          $2,030-$4,060

                 3                                                          $2,553-$5,106

                 4                                                          $3,075-$6,150

                 5                                                          $3,598-$7,196

                 6                                                          $4,120-$8,240

                 7                                                          $4,643-$9,286

                 8                                                          $5,165-$10,330